Driving around, admiring the creativity (and craziness) of holiday lights is an all-American tradition that costs less than a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. Just remember to be courteous while you enjoy the spectacle. For example….

1. Don’t block traffic

You may be stunned by 2,000 tiny lights and a 12-foot Santa that waves, but don’t stop in the middle of the street. Pull over.

2. Keep off the grass

If you get out of your car to snap a photo or take a closer look, stay on the sidewalk. Not only is it respectful of your neighbor’s property, it’s also in your best interest – there could be electric chords and other tripping hazards.

3. Be mindful of your own lights

Avoid shining your headlights directly into the front windows of the home you’re admiring. Use your parking lights, if you must.

4. Don’t idle (your car)

Don’t leave your car idling while you enjoy the display. Global warming hits the North Pole hard.

5. Chip in

Some homeowners leave a donation jar to collect tips to help with the electric bill. If you enjoy the display, consider leaving a few bucks.

6. Don’t hog the view

Don’t park for too long in front of popular homes. Though you might be inspired to make a holiday phone call or run through all “Twelve Days of Christmas” with the kids, remember that others want to check out the display too.

7. Don’t forget other opportunities

Zoos and botanical gardens often host holiday light displays (and offer easier parking).